Chicken Chorizo Sausage


Pristine Foods Chicken Chorizo Sausage is packaged 1 LB per package.

Free Range Pastured chickens that love eating vibrant vegetation, bugs, worms, & Non – GMO feed. We proudly bring you the highest quality chicken in the world.

  • Never Adulterated with Antibiotics
  • Never Adulterated with Hormones
  • Never Adulterated with GMO’s
  • Never raised in Confinement Mega Barns
  • Always raised in small batches
  • Always raised with love by Passionate Farmers
  • Always monitored for optimal health

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We are pleased to offer the highest quality free range chicken in the world. Our free range pastured chickens love eating vibrant vegetation, bugs, worms, & Non – GMO feed. Our chickens are never adulterated with antibiotics, hormones, or GMO’s of any kind. Because our farms use daily moveable pens, the chickens are able to peck & scratch in the grass for their next treat of bugs, worms, & tender shoots of grass.