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Pristine Foods Certified

Chicken Wings

Pristine Foods Certified

Chicken Wings

Pristine Foods Certified

We passionately embrace a decentralized approach to food sourcing.

We emphatically require all farms to practice regenerative agriculture practices.

We unapologetically refuse to promote or sell any product that has been feed GMO grain.

We refuse to use herbicides on any of our farms.

We enthusiastically recruit only the brightest and best farmers into our program.

Pristine Foods Certified

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Shipping FAQ's

Your package will arrive 2-4 days after the shipment leaves the fulfilment center. We use ground shipping services from major carriers. This ensures economical delivery of food products.

All packages are shipped using dry ice. Take proper precautions when removed unevaporated dry ice from cooler. Follow these guidelines.

  • It is our passion to relentlessly pursue sustainability in our whole process. We believe that our customers are passionate about sustainability and we look to provide world class sustainable packaging/shipping options wherever we can.

Farming FAQ's

Farm of Origin traceability is very important to us. Each package of product you receive will have a farmer code on the label. This code will allow you to view the farm on our website. We are huge Banner High Flying supports of “farm to table” foods.

Some of our farms operate as Non – GMO farms and some of the farms operate as Certified Organic. Certified Organic is Non – GMO by default.

It is difficult to place a number on this. We partner with farms large and small that are passionate about regenerative agriculture.


The 100% grass fed animals are fed a diet that consists of 100% grass. These animals are never feed any high carbohydrate grains or any grains for that matter. The grassfed / grass + grain finished animals we produce are fed supplemental grains in addition to a continuous supply of high quality grass. The grains these grassfed / grass + grain finished animals eat are high quality Non – GMO grains and in some cases Organic grains.

As much as we love and fully embrace for various reasons the 100% grass fed ruminants trend, here is our “link stance on grain fed ruminants link”.

We are not fans of monoculture farming. We believe a variety of animals on a single farm produces vibrant healthy soil. It’s our commitment to propel regenerative agriculture forward.

About Our Founder

A Story of family for Generations delivering sustainable ingredients and looking out for the health of its neighbors. Growing green has never been more important. Choose to live your life as the solution, not the problem.