About the Founder

Hello Friends!

My name is Titus Weaver and I am the visionary founder of Pristine Foods. I am staunch in my beliefs on regenerative agriculture. I am passionate about creating opportunities for small farms to thrive and succeed. It is my greatest joy to bring you world-class products that are a result of world-class company values, world-class farmers, and world-class partners in production.

I began working for my father’s meat shop at a young age. I started by cutting steaks, taking orders, doing employee management and more. It was in this fast-paced environment that I began to develop critical business thinking skills that are much needed in today’s hectic food business landscape.

At the young age of 21, I felt a tremendous pull toward doing my part in changing the world’s agriculture landscape. I can’t tell you why I had this pull or what stimulated it, but it was there. My desire to promote regenerative ag farmers and their products, turned into a white-hot burning desire as I gathered mind-shifting information: information that debunks the myth that GMOs are needed to feed the world in future years; information that outlines the negative shift the farming landscape has taken the last 40 years; information that outlines the negative health implications of traditional agriculture.


Of course, I read lots of positive information: information that offers a solution to GMOs; information that proves climate change can be reversed by regenerative agriculture; information that highlights the health benefits of meat raised on small farms, never to be sent to confinement feedlots or mega-size chicken barns.  And, I read so much more great science.

Interestingly enough, I felt like a tiger in a cage or maybe a beef on a feedlot (pun intended.) I wanted to roar, but I had no way to do it. I wanted to scream from the rooftops, but nobody was there to listen. After all, why would someone listen to a young businessman that was all theory and no action. I had so much white-hot desire bottled up with no outlet.

And then, Pristine Foods was founded. We are a company where our values define our path of action. We place the farmer and his farm at the forefront of what we do. We are a team of big picture thinkers that won’t be stopped. We are passionate about what we do, and we believe our actions are making the world a better place.

We love the farms we partner with. They are the foundation of the products we provide. They are the caregivers of the land. They love what they do, and they understand that their farms contribute greatly to pushing regenerative agriculture to the front lines.

Friends, it is my wish that you begin supporting regenerative ag. Vote with your dollars! Don’t settle for less than the best on the food you feed yourself and your family.

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